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Extension to time to appeal against tax decision

HMRC is giving businesses and individuals who want to challenge a tax decision an extra three months to lodge the appeal.

Who is eligible to challenge their HMRC tax decision?

The extension applies for business affected by Covid-19 for any ruling dated February 2020 or later.

What information will HMRC require?

HMRC will contact by letter those eligible to apply for the extra time to challenge a tax decision. They must then contact HMRC with:

  • their name or business name.
  • their tax reference number (this will be on the decision letter).
  • what they disagree with in the appeal and why.
  • what they think the correct figures are and how they have calculated them.
  • their signature.

HMRC said: “When you appeal against a tax decision you can accept HMRC’s offer of a review, or request one (if it’s for direct tax), HMRC will tell you what to do next.

“A review will be carried out by someone who was not involved in the original tax decision. This usually takes 45 days, but HMRC will contact you if it will take longer.”

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