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‘Businesses will need support with their brand and messaging to be relevant in the new world’

AlignandPull is a brand and business growth company based in Birmingham. According to its website, the company “analyses organisations and creates brand and digital strategies to introduce more effective ways of working, communicating and improving customer experiences.” It has worked with, among others, the NHS, the University of Birmingham, Dignity PLC, Forever Living and Nationwide Fire Systems.

The company’s Director Lucy Whitehill said: “Due to previous changes within our business over the last two years, we had already made the transition to remote working – so our business set-up is primarily digital systems / communications. “Client face-to-face conversations are now delivered via video conferencing software such as Zoom and Skype. Very little has changed in our day-to-day delivery, but of course the impact on our clients has been varied.”

AlignandPull has “had numerous correspondence from our accountants on the government’s initiatives” and has spoken with its bank regarding the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS). Whitehill explained: “We have been in touch with our bank regarding the CBILS. We are waiting to hear back.” Because of the nature of the firm’s business they are continuing to work, so are not furloughing. 

Whitehill said: “We are, of course, eager to have restrictions eased – when safe to do so – as we do have projects that can’t continue, but we are not as affected as other types of businesses. “We are already set up for remote working so not as dramatically impacted as others. We have previously relied on networking as our key new business activity – so how we market ourselves going forward is a focus for us now.” Looking ahead, Whitehill expects some of AlignandPull’s clients to be more affected than others. She said: “We work in multiple sectors, so some are more affected than others. I believe all businesses will need support with their brand and messaging to be relevant in the new world! There are also opportunities to explore new ways of delivering services, i.e. digital, into new markets which are in demand and will, of course, be important for all businesses moving forward.”

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