Hear from your peers. How businesses are adapting to the COVID-19 crisis

Amethust Survey Limited

Amethyst Surveys Limited

Amethyst Surveys Limited is a company providing utility surveys and CCTV services. Turnover is approximately £1 million with 22 employees. All employees except the senior…
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FreeStep Ltd Sanitiser

FreeStep Ltd

‘they could use their manufacturing licence to both help with a national product shortage and diversify’ FreeStep manufactures and distributes a wide range of supplements…
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Clear Central Media

Media Service Company

‘Our bank is making repeated requests for information we’ve already supplied’ Clear Central Media is service sector company, providing printed material, typesetting services and data…
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Greestone accountancy practice

Accountancy Practice

‘The government is creating debt, which will be a big problem next year’ GreenStones is an accountancy practice based in Peterborough. Established in 1982, the…
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McTimoney Chiropractor

McTimoney Chiropractor

‘As a single parent with no other source of income life was suddenly looking fairly bleak’ Tomma Spilman is a very well respected McTimoney Chiropractor…
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Hafod Care Organisation

Care Organisation

‘”normality” in the care sector is highly likely to be a minimum of 18 months away’ The Hafod Care Organisation owns and runs a 29…
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Finn & Co

Independent Hair Salon

‘The employee on maternity leave was definitely the most complicated scenario which led to many discussions’ Finn & Co is an independent hair salon in…
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