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COVID-19 Business Survival Guide – Kitchen Table Business Support™

Help you to review, restructure and remodel your business.

Benefits of Company Administration – a new beginning?

The ‘breathing space’ administration affords is one of the main benefits.

Weather the storm with a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

This article explains how a CVA works, what you need to do.

We want your business to succeed

When you’re facing challenging times, the biggest hurdle can be finding the right guidance to help your business survive. We’ve created this knowledge hub to give you the answers you need, when you need them

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FA Simms Group in the News

What’s happening in your industry? 

Hear from our founder, Richard Simms.

Richard Simms, the Managing Director at F A Simms & Partners, is a chartered accountant, a licensed insolvency practitioner and an anti-money laundering expert. As well as owning and running FA Simms & Partners, he has established a company called AMLCC, which supports more than 6000 UK accountants and bookkeepers with their anti-money laundering requirements. Richard also dedicates a proportion of his time to providing free business education services through published articles, professional training events and, most recently, through this website. has been developed to help businesses in the long term – not just in times of crisis. I have always been committed to rescuing a business wherever possible and pride myself on never giving fee-driven advice. Many clients work with us for this very reason.

Huge effort is going into supporting businesses through the effects of COVID – 19. What is clear though is that not every business is receiving all the support they need and certainly not quickly enough.

There is no one simple solution. Many businesses are looking for anything that could help – this might be as straightforward as matching your business needs with the right skills, knowledge and expertise. That’s what we’re here to do. We want to help you understand your own business and the business environment you’re working in to give your business the best results.”

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